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Fractional DevOps for Fintech
24/7 DevOps support and development for the Fintech.
We help you operate your DevOps, safely, with predictable costs and high-quality  

Elevating Software Delivery Process
Release software when you need, not when you can.
Cut down software delivery cycle time from weeks to minutes

Redefining PlatformOps and DevEx 
 Supercharge team productivity and satisfaction
X times with streamlined tools and processes


​Pēteris Bodnieks

WE have a long and successful relationship with CWISE team. CWISE has done a great job improving Developer experience and efficiency, by improving the software delivery process. Refactoring CI/CD process, Upgrading GitOps process, and adding self-service for the team.  We can always count on CWISE support if needed no matter the day and time

Konrad Bartnik
CEO, Zenka Finance

We take pleasure in recommending the CWISE team at Zenka for their exemplary service. They have skillfully designed and managed high-volume systems, ensuring their consistent and reliable 24/7 operation, thereby providing us with a robust operational infrastructure. The implementation of their integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) platform has markedly improved the developer experience. Their expertise has instilled assurance and fortified the bedrock of our technical operations

Ilgvars Jecis, CTO,

CWISE stands as our preferred partner for DevOps setups, having consistently aided us in delivering client projects with expertise in cloud automations, CI/CD setups, and ongoing support. Their contributions have been pivotal to our success in meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Uldis Bērziņš, MD OWBOOST

CWISE and Janis Orlovs personally stepped in at difficult time of the company, pushed thru improvements in our devops tooling, contributed to selection and formation of our devops team, and setup us on path of continued improvement of our IaC. I recommend CWISE for any company that needs significant improvements in their DevOps, CI/CID practices or tooling.

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